1 Trial Fonts


How can I test KOMETA Typefaces before purchasing?

Follow the link below to request free trial versions of our fonts. Please note that the Trial Fonts are for internal evaluation only—perfect for trying out and experimenting before purchasing a full license.

Request Trials

What characters do the Trial Fonts include?

KOMETA Trial Fonts only ship with a basic set of uppercase & lowercase characters (no diacritics), proportional figures and a limited set of punctuation. A simplified preview of OpenType features is also included. For all features and the language support of the retail version, see 3.1.


Can I use KOMETA Trial Fonts in a student project?

While the Trial Fonts are primarily intended for internal evaluation only, personal non-commercial use is not explicitly prohibited. As long as the limited character set proves sufficient for your school project, feel free to use the Trial Fonts—just make sure to credit us appropriately.

2 Licensing


Who should obtain a license—designer or client?

You can purchase a license for yourself or—usually in the case of working as an external designer—on the behalf of your client. Unless you are using the Licensed Fonts for your own business, it is always the End User (i.e. whom the Licensed Fonts are used for) that needs to own the Font License; clearly specified as Licensee during Checkout.


Can I use the Licensed Fonts to create a logotype?

The Desktop License covers use in logotypes for small companies with up to 10 employees—make sure to convert the font into outlines as sharing the font outside the Licensee organisation is not allowed. If you need a license for a larger company, please get in touch with the number of employees for a price quote.


Can I use the Licensed Fonts on social media?

Use across social media is governed by the Desktop License. The first 10,000 followers are covered for free—if you need a larger Social Media License, please get in touch with the number of followers for a price quote.


Can I use the Licensed Fonts to create videos?

Using our fonts in videos is governed by the Video License; included for free with all Desktop Licenses for small companies with up to 10 employees. If you need a license for a larger company, please get in touch with the number of employees for a price quote.


Can I use the Licensed Fonts to create merchandise?

Using our fonts to create merchandise, i.e. any consumer goods that can be purchased, is governed by a Desktop License Addon–please get in touch with the number of employees for a price quote.


Can I upgrade my License?

An upgrade is required in order to continue using the Licensed Fonts once you outgrow your license. The good news is you only pay the difference in price between the tiers—get in touch for more information.


How are Web MUV (Monthly Unique Visitors) calculated?

Web MUV are calculated as a 3 month moving average—if that average is exceeded you need to upgrade the following month. For instance, the number of February MUV is calculated from the sum of the months November through January.


How are usage metrics tracked?

You are responsible for ensuring that you stay within the tier metrics you have paid for and you must upgrade your license accordingly if your use exceeds them. We do check if usage limits are being met, so make sure to have appropriate tracking software in place, i.e. Web/App user analytics.

3 Purchasing


How does the payment work?

Payments are one-time only and processed securely through Paddle, our Merchant of Record. Upon completing your purchase you will be sent two emails: your newly Licensed Fonts in an email from us and a separate, second email acting as a receipt from Paddle—you can fill in your billing details and print out an invoice via the latter.


Will I be charged VAT (Value Added Tax)?

Prices shown exclude VAT (Value Added Tax) as it is calculated automatically during Checkout; based on the country of purchase and your Tax Status. We are required by law to charge VAT to EU-based customers who do not supply a valid VAT ID.


How do I make a VAT-free purchase?

You can enter your VAT ID in the very last step of Checkout before submitting your payment details. Simply click Add VAT and the price will be updated accordingly.


I forgot to supply my VAT ID. Can I get a VAT refund?

Collection of VAT is handled by Paddle, our Merchant of Record. Please reply to the sales receipt emailed to you by Paddle or visit Paddle.net for further assistance.

Claim VAT Refund

Are there any recurring charges?

All payments are one-time only, with no recurring charges and/or renewal fees.


Where can I find an invoice?

Paddle (our Merchant of Record) sends customisable invoices for every KOMETA Order. Such invoice is always sent to the Licensee email and you can update the information you need such as your address, company name, and VAT ID via a link found in the email.

Request Invoice

I haven’t received my Order. How can I download it?

A fulfillment email with a link to download your Licensed Fonts is always sent to the Licensee email right away upon purchase—make sure to check your Spam folder first. If you can’t locate the email, follow the link below to retrieve your Order directly.

Retrieve Order

I’ve bought the wrong fonts by accident. Can I return them?

All sales are final—due to the digital nature of fonts, no refunds are possible. Mistakes do happen though; contact us directly and we’ll do our best to assist you.


Do you offer student discounts?

We offer discounts to students currently enrolled at university and college employees. Email us for more details.

4 Typefaces


What languages do KOMETA Typefaces support?

All of our typefaces support Latin Extended-A, i.e. Western European, Central European & Southeastern European languages. See individual typefaces for details—a full character set is listed at the end of every Typeface Specimen (PDF).


Do you take bespoke commissions?

KOMETA is open to commissions for bespoke typefaces tailored to specific needs—both business and not-for-profit. Have an interesting project to discuss? Drop us an email.


Do you sell Variable fonts?

A complimentary Variable Font is included for free on all Complete Family purchases. Custom cuts can be generated on request—get in touch if you want to know more.

5 Other


How do you handle my personal data?

Your privacy is very important to us. We do not share or sell any of your data to third parties and we store only information essential to processing your Order. Visit the page below for more information.

Privacy Policy

Do you have any open positions and/or do you accept internships?

While we are always open to possible collaborations, we strive to keep our studio small and nimble. Feel free to get in touch if you think we’d be a great fit. Due to the number of applications and our limited resources, it’s not always possible to respond to every inquiry. Thank you for understanding.

Still have questions? Get in touch directly and we’ll do our best to assist you.

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