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32 styles from €60
Labil GroteskHairlineHairline ItalicFineFine ItalicThinThin ItalicLightLight ItalicRegularItalicMediumMedium ItalicBoldBold ItalicBlackBlack Italic

Labil Grotesk comes in two subfamilies—sharing the bulk of the character set, yet differing in few key glyphs. A variable font seamlessly alternating between both Weight & Stability axes is included free of charge if you buy the full family.

Select License Type

Prices start at €60 per style for a single license type (e.g. Desktop). An incremental volume & multi-license discount of up to 50% is automatically applied at checkout when you combine multiple styles and license types within a single purchase.

Please select the number of Computers (CPUs) where the Desktop Fonts will be installed for the creation of static or moving files like images and videos.

Please select the number of Monthly Unique Visitors (MUV) expected to visit the domain where the Web Fonts will be self-hosted.

Please select the number of Downloads (DLs) your app is expected to have in which the App Fonts will be embedded.

Licensing Options

Licensing multiple styles of Labil Grotesk yields a considerable volume discount—either by selecting one of the tailored bundles or by picking individual styles below.

On top of that, you also get all complementary styles of the same weight if you buy two within that group. For example, purchasing Labil Grotesk Regular and Labil Grotesk Italic means Stabil Grotesk Regular and Stabil Grotesk Italic will be also included free of charge.

Discounted Bundles

Individual Styles